An Extra Kiss

I’ve heard the stories about the kid of a friend of a friend, and I’ve seen the news stories about sick babies, and I’ve even come across tragic stories of people who I don’t know on my Facebook news feed. Nothing, though, could have prepared me for the scariest moment of my life when I watched my 2 1/2 year old son experience a seizure.

That helpless little face will forever be imprinted into my mind no matter how much I try to shake it out. I can’t describe the amount of time that passed or the faces of the EMT’s and paramedics that showed up or even how my husband was reacting because my vision was completely tunneled to my precious little boy and the terrifying idea that I wouldn’t couldn’t let myself accept: What if he doesn’t pull through. 

But our story is a hopeful one. After a trip to the ER, blood work and scans, and another doctor’s appointment, we are relieved to have found out that it was a febrile seizure (fever seizure), which apparently is pretty common for children under 6 years old [though I can assure you that is no relief to any parent who has witnessed their child go through it]. His temperature spiked so quickly that it caused him to have the seizure. Later that night is when his flu symptoms started, which meant no rest for anyone in the family [except our awesome 8 month old, who has been such a perfect little angel in the midst of all the stress floating around the house!]. It has been a challenging five days to say the least, but I can’t help being so thankful that our little guy is starting to act like himself again.

I can’t help but thinking about how lucky we are. So many parents have to go through health issues with their precious little ones from the beginning. Others are thrust into it after what should be a normal doctor’s visit. And even more tragically, some parents don’t even see the worst coming before it hits. It’s just not fair. No child should have to go through that and no parent should be put in that situation. One of the most terrifying moments of my life, which has been classified as common to his doctors, really put things into perspective for me…and honestly, I don’t want to lose that feeling.

I love and dote on my babies every single day. I strive to make them the happiest that they can be Every. Single. Day. That is one of the biggest reasons that I wanted to become a stay-at-home mom. I don’t ever want to go to bed knowing that I didn’t do everything that I could to make this a happy time for them, because who knows what could happen tomorrow. Me, my kids, and my family are not immune to becoming one of those stories you hear about, or read about, or see one TV.

My heart goes out to those parents who have become stronger than they ever knew that they could be. The parents that have to deal with a sick child on a daily basis. The parents that never planned for this when they dreamed about being parents.

I am so thankful that I have two healthy and happy children, and I’ve been paying extra close attention to holding them a little bit tighter and sticking them with an extra kiss because we’re human and we’re vulnerable and I don’t want to ever regret missing a chance to smother them with my love.

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