Free Breast Pumps for ALL Mamas!

Are you a breastfeeding mama?  Want a free breast pump?  Good news! can get one!

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Here is my receipt for my FREE breast pump!!

Under the new Health Care Reform, insurance companies are required to provide breastfeeding equipment, counseling, and support for all new mamas!  If you are a breastfeeding mom, you know what a big deal this is!

Breastmilk, or Liquid Gold as I like to call it, contains antibodies, immune factors, enzymes, and white blood cells that protect against bacteria and viruses.  This increases your baby’s immunity to disease and infection from infancy and continues throughout your child’s life.  Breastfed babes are less likely to develop:

  • ear infections
  • respiratory infections like croup, bronchiolitis, or pneumonia
  • urinary tract infections
  • certain types of spinal meningitis
  • gastrointestinal and diarrheal infections
  • childhood diabetes
  • obesity
  • SIDS
  • allergies
  • childhood cancers

Some moms, however, are unable to breastfeed due to low milk supply, baby latching issues, thrush, mastitis, engorged breasts, and more.  Other moms are unable to breastfeed for as long as they want to because they have to go back to work.  Breast pumps allow these moms the opportunity to still give their baby all of the benefits of Liquid Gold!  Though FMLA only gives moms 12 weeks of maternity leave (see bottom of page for more info), that is enough time to produce a stock of breastmilk for a little one.  Pumps can also help boost mom’s supply, reduce engorgement, and help heal mastitis.

The fact that our government has realized the amazing benefits of breastfeeding and required insurance companies to help moms through the process is a HUGE WIN for America!


The law doesn’t specify what kind of pump is to be provided, leaving employers to determine the amount allotted for an electric or manual pump.  Employers also have the ability to choose whether they will cover a pump to purchase or to rent (for an unspecified amount of time).

I was lucky, my insurance covered 100% of a double electric Medela pump, whereas some companies only cover a $35 manual pump.  The only way to find out what your insurance will cover is to call them and ask!  Most companies will cover the cost of a pump from the time you are pregnant up until your babe is a year old.

I want to thank the kind stranger that approached me with this information while I was standing in the baby aisle at Target, looking at two different types of pumps with my phone in hand pulling up reviews on both.  She saved me $200 that day and gave me that inspiration to let as many women know about this as I can!

I was prepared to spend over $200 on a pump, but some women don’t have that luxury.  Share this blog and spread that word so that we can help mamas in need, whether they are returning to work or have issues breastfeeding, a free pump may be just what they need!


Click here to learn about the breastfeeding laws specific to your state.



Did you know that the USA is 1 of 4 developed countries in the world that doesn’t require paid maternity leave?!  Some countries offer as much as two years PAID maternity leave, and the average amount of fully paid time off is 5-6 months.  America also offers the least amount of protected leave (time to care for your baby without fear of losing your job) for new moms – a mere 12 weeks.  Several European nations offer as much as three years.

Okay, France, Finland, and Norway have better policies than America, but Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Malaysia have more generous laws?  Something seems off here.  Nothing will be done unless we step up to our governement and demand change! is on a mission to help advocate policy change.

For more information on our policies compared to other contries, click here and here.

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