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It started with cloth diapers which quickly lead to cloth wipes.  Next was making an all natural laundry detergent. From there, I began questioning the chemically filled soaps and lotions I was using on my babies’ perfect skin, which lead to what I was using on my own skin…and hair…and armpits…and even teeth.  Slowly, an all natural lifestyle creeped it’s way into our home before my husband could say “coconut oil”.

After working as a manager at a major beauty store, and filling my vanity with expensive name-brand make-ups, moisturizers, hair serums, and several other different beauty products, I began looking at the labels.  I’d be lucky to find one ingredient that I could pronounce, let alone have an idea of the purpose for it.  Even the products I had been selling as “natural” weren’t what I had believed they were.

A quick Pinterest search lead me to many all natural alternatives.  And when I say all natural, I mean ALL NATURAL.  I began tossing the bottles of chemicals and replacing them with items I had kept in my kitchen!  I’m talking honey…olive oil…vinegar…cocoa..water…and so much more!  Essential oils played a huge part in the transition, too.  After much research, I found that I trusted my own concoctions  more than anything I had ever bought, even compared to the higher end products.

Not only did I feel cleaner and safer using my new products, we were saving money, too!  My favorite “natural” moisturizer before the switch was $40 a jar!  That’s $40 I could have been throwing into my kids’ savings accounts, or tucking away for a vacation for next summer.  Not only that, but I was purchasing it every couple months!  When I think about all the money spent on all of the beauty products I have bought over the years, it now makes me sick!  My new favorite TRUE natural moisturizer is about $6 a jar when I get it on sale.  Pure, organic, unrefined coconut oil. That’s it.  And my skin has never been softer.

Sure, making the change is a leap at first.  Luckily, I have a very adoring and supportive husband that goes along with all of my crazy ideas without too much hesitation.  With my new found wisdom of the dangers in every day products that we used to use, I want to scream it from the rooftops so that everybody knows and can start using healthier alternatives.

I encourage you to look through your cabinets and see what you find.  I will help you by posting different recipes I have found that have worked for me and my family!  In know time, I’m sure, you will be looking at every label of every bottle you pick up, searching for the most natural ways to care for your family!

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