DIY Toy Shelf

My husband and I found this great detailed table at a garage sale marked for $5 and we couldn’t pass it up!  It was a little beaten up, but we both saw potential for something great!..but for what, neither of us knew.  It sat unused in our living room for quite a while until we moved into our new house and I decided what we were going to do with it.



At 2 years old, we decided it was time to get rid of our son’s nursery and give him a big boy room!  A huge milestone for this mama!  He, like any 2 year old boy, LOVES Thomas the Train–or as we like to call it at our house, the choo choo train.  We had already bought him this great little Thomas play mat that came with a mini choo choo train, so that was my inspiration.  We found a great toddler bed set at K-Mart and ordered some wall stickers from Amazon.  It has come together perfectly!

I’ll be honest…my kid is a little bit spoiled!  We have toys in every room of the house and we’re running out of corners and boxes to stuff them away in!  I decided that I wanted to use this table as a practical and cute way to help with this problem!  Lucky for me, the shelves were the perfect height for these canvas boxes that we found at Big Lots for $5!



A quick trip through Lowe’s, a very helpful woman in the paint section, and only $20 later I found myself with a project!


 paint primer


This primer is great!  I didn’t have to sand any part of the table which was a relief because of all the little details on the legs!  Two coats of the cherry red paint and a full week to let it dry completely and I have a masterpiece!



I couldn’t stop there!  I took my dresser that I used throughout my whole childhood from my parent’s house and painted it the same cherry red and changed the knobs to complete the look!  I’m so happy with how it turned out!  And the little nostalgic part of  me is thrilled that I could incorporate a part of my childhood room into his!




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