FUN 2 year old activities!

I love being a stay-at-home mom!  Summer was great because we moved into a house in the country with a huge backyard and we were always venturing outside to explore and play.  Now that fall is officially upon us, the colder, damp weather has kept us indoors and we’ve had to get a creative so that we don’t end up doing the same things every day!  My little man is so smart and I want to keep up with his passion for learning by creating new and fun activities.  Here are a couple things that we’ve come up with so far!


The Color Game

This one is simple!  I took a box of Fruit Cheerios and some colored mixing bowls and set them out for my little man.


He didn’t need much prompting.  He loved dumping one bowl into another bowl.  We tried sorting by color, but he was too excited about dumping them into other bowls!  As he gets older, sorting by colors will be easier, and counting, too (we can only get up to 10).  While he was playing, we talked about which were the little bowls and which were bigger bowls.  We also used Baby Sign Language to talk about the different colors of the bowls.

eat point cereal game

He could also snack as he played, which he really enjoyed!  I got out my muffin pan so that we could count out cereal into each tin, but again, he was more interested in dumping the bowls over the pan.  We’ll try again another time!

Overall, it was a simple and successful game that kept us busy for about an hour before he started making a mess, which was my cue that he was done!

Little Monsters

It’s October and that means that it is scary movie month!  Unfortunately, that doesn’t really mean the same thing for me as it used to.  With little babes, my scary movies start around 10:30 and I’m lucky if I can keep my eyes open for the whole thing!  Luckily, there are some kid friendly Halloween movies, so my 2 year old and I have been exploring those.  This particular morning it was The Nightmare Before Christmas.

scary movie

It was a success!  We had also decorated for Halloween the day before, so we were in a spooky kind of mood!  After the movie, we decided to keep up with the monster theme and create some little monsters!


This was easy and fun for us both!  I took toilet paper rolls that I had been saving for a project and gathered my craft supplies: scrapbook paper, googly eyes, tape, scissors, and of course, pipe cleaners.

He picked out the scrapbook paper that he wanted to use and I cut it and taped it on the roll.  Then he held the roll while I put the googly eyes on, but he got to push them down to make sure they were stuck on!  Then we talked about what was next (drawing on the mouth or eyebrows) and he picked out what color hair he wanted the monsters to have.

Next year he’ll be able to do it all by himself, but we had fun working together for this one!  He played with them for a while, and then we set them out to show Daddy when he got home from work!

monster bib

For lunch, it was only appropriate to wear a monster bib!

Numbers Game

We have several boxes in our garage because we order stuff from Amazon all the time!  We’ve let him color the cardboard and crawl into the big boxes we get, but I wanted to do something educational as well!



We drew out numbers on the cardboard and I cut them out.  We talked about the numbers, and set them out in order.  A few days later, I decided to pull out some close pins that I have and we used them clip to the numbers; six on 6, three on 3, ect.  I had every intention of painting the numbers and close pins so that we could talk about the numbers AND colors, but that just hasn’t happened yet!

numbers game   numbers game 2   pumpkin pins

He had trouble manipulating the close pins so I clipped them on while he counted out the numbers.  Then he had fun pulling them off of the numbers and putting them into his pumpkin bucket, still counting them out loud.  We put the numbers in order and mixed them up.  He started getting bored with the numbers and decided he wanted to dump the close pins out and put them back into the bucket again and again.  I encouraged him to count the close pins out loud as he did this.

It was a fun game and there are tons of things that we can do with these cardboard numbers!

Noisy Shakers

I don’t buy baby food, but rather make my own using fresh and organic vegetables; however, I was given about 100 baby food jars to use for projects…and this was my first one!


It’s simple!  Just fill them full of different objects that will make different noises, and seal the lid shut tightly.  You could even glue the lid so that your little one can’t remove it, which is a good idea especially if you are going to let him/her play with them without supervision.


We used four jars and filled them with dry beans, uncooked rice, pennies, and screws.  He was able to make different noises, which every 2 year old boy LOVES!  It also gave us the opportunity to talk about the items inside the jars and work on pronunciation.  I may end up using scrapbook paper to decorate the outside of the jars, but for a quick, easy, and fun project to keep my guy entertained…this was perfect!

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