Adventures in Potty Training


If you think this is going to be a how-to on potty training, you are greatly mistaken.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  My son turned 2 this past August.  As soon as I noticed how quickly he caught on to things (like Baby Sign Language), I knew that he was going to be so easy to potty train!  Before we had even begun, I looked up tips and tricks for best practices and asked advice from other parents I knew, still confident that it would take a week (tops) to get this kid out of his dipes.

Well, I guess it’s time to admit, I was a bit naive…and perhaps a little too big-headed.

We got a potty for him last Christmas and have kept it in the bathroom since.  We always had an open door policy with him thinking that too would make for a smooth transition into big boy pants.  While in the bathroom with us, he would lift up his own potty’s lid and sit on it, sometimes even pulling a book onto his lap (ADORBS)!  He was very comfortable with the potty and we would explain what it was for and show him how to sign toilet.  I thought this was great preparation.

Then came the weekend that it was going to happen.  He was going to be potty trained within a few days.  No doubt about it.  He was probably close to about 18 months old and had gotten well acquainted with his little potty, and I was sure it was time (plus I was pregnant and didn’t really want to have two babies in diapers!).

So here was the method that I was so sure was going to work: have a naked weekend.  Not everybody!  Just him.  We let him run around naked and sat him on the potty every 20 minutes doing the sign for toilet and encouraging him to go.  It was fun and exciting for all of us!  We sat in the living room playing games and reading books.  Twenty minutes would go by and we would sit him on the potty again.  Every time he sat, I was sure that was going to be the time!  Nothing happened, though.  A couple hours went by this way and still…nothing.

Finally the hubs and I were talking distractedly and making our way through the hallway, leaving Whitman alone to play with his toys, only 10 feet away from us.  The next thing I know Steve said very calmly and matter of fact, “He just !@#$ on  the floor”.

I thought he was joking at first before I looked  up to see Whitman running naked down the hallway with a trail of poo left behind, and my dreams of having the most perfect, smartest child in the world were shattered.

What else can you do in that situation but laugh?  We immediately stuck a diaper back on him and decided that it wasn’t quite time yet.  Since then, we haven’t had much luck.  He doesn’t really have interest in using the potty.  We have had a few successful pees in the potty, but honestly I think they were all flukes.  Since my daughter was born, potty training has somewhat fallen to the wayside. We started him in cloth diapers more recently as that is what we decided to use for our daughter.  I’ve heard that changing to cloth may help speed up the process too.  I’m hoping one day it will just click, like when he started using sign language.  Otherwise I fear he will be a teenager still in diapers!


What was the best potty training method for you and your babe?

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